Customer-specific structured surfaces

TOPOCROM® is a method for manufacturing structured TOPOCROM® layers in a single operation (reactor coating). According to industrial requirements individually adjustable surface topographics can be generated.
Graphical illustration of a TOPOCROM® coating. The hemispherical surface structure is striking and results in various properties and possibilities in industrial processes.

Surface topography and multi-layer system

The multilayer system is selected according to the requirements and the base material. The surface topography is individually and specifically selected according to the application (eg, prevention of abrasion, embossing property of texturing rolls, grip effects on feed rollers, etc.): open and closed structures; high or low roughness can be adjusted. For more information see Properties.
Open structure: RPc 60 – 80/cm (graphical illustration)

Individual layer for each application area

To achieve the desired surface property, we proceed as follows:
  • Formulation of the desired performance properties (Functional Specification)
  • Coating a workpiece for real application testing (sampling)
  • If necessary, optimising the coating parameters (fine tuning the coating process)
  • Coating of a series/small series under continuous quality control
Closed structure: RPc 100–160/cm (graphical illustration)
Section through a surface with a high roughness of Ra 4 µm and an open structure (graphical illustration)
Section through a surface with a low roughness of Ra 0.6 µm and an open structure (graphical illustration)

Accurate surface analysis with industrial 3D metrology

DIN EN ISO compliant roughness determinations, analyses of 3D structures and determination of geometries can be performed with the µsurf mobile. These analyses are part of our quality ¬assurance.
Exact measurement of the inclination and angle of the flanks
Exact measurement of the sphere diameter and sphere height
3D view of a TOPOCROM ® surface (open structure)