Rolls and rollers in the printing industry

Optimum wettability of the liquid-carrying rolls is very important in the printing industry. Precisely-defined amounts of liquid must be carried. TOPOCROM® coated printing rolls can be precisely wetted and are resistant to aggressive media (printing inks, detergents).

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Schematic illustration of the continual liquid take-up in a wetting tank. Even wetting of printing rolls is thus guaranteed. This property of the TOPOCROM® surface has been tested on rotating rolls and rollers worldwide.
The leading coating worldwide for printing rolls in offset printing machines.

Feed rolls in the sheet metal industry

TOPOCROM® coated rolls ensure ideal feeding behaviour in sheet metal belts which have been treated with oil or dry-film lubricant. At the same time, they achieve longer service life.

TOPOCROM® surface is ideal for the sheet metal feed.

The adjustable topography or roughness of the coating on the feed rolls provides friction characteristics (grip), which have been well proven in the sheet metal processing industry. Leading manufacturers of sheet metal feeding machines have their rolls coated with TOPOCROM®. Important advantages
  • Optimum grip
  • Ideal feeding behaviour in sheet metal belts, which have been treated with oil or dry-film lubricant
  • Longer service life

Requirements for the base roller body Case hardening depth min. 2 – 3 mm Ground surface Rz 3 µm
Coating of feed rollers in sheet metal processing exhibits ideal grip performance and trouble-free feeding of sheet metal strips, which have been treated with oil or dry-film lubricant.
Feed roller with partially coated feed zone.
Feed machine with TOPOCROM® coated feed rollers.

Application overview

Rolls for the sheet metal industry:

For the processing of galvanized material, oiled material, aluminum, stainless steel and painted sheet metal. Use on feed rollers, entry rolls, straightening rolls and measuring wheels

Rolls for the steel industry

For use on work rolls, skin-pass rolls

Rolls for the printing industry

For use on dampening distributing cylinders, print cylinders, deflection rollers and feed rollers

Rolls for the foil industry

For use on calender rolls, smoothing rolls, laminating rolls, draw-off rolls and embossing rolls

Rolls for the packaging industry, paper industry, nonwovens production and many more