Reproducible coating process

The TOPOCROM® layer is a hard chromium coating with a special surface structure. The coating process is performed in a closed reactor with constant rotation of the work piece. The process fluids are charged and discharged by means of process control. In contrast to open tanks, this allows much more accurate control of the coating processes. The customer-specific process profiles and parameters are digitally saved. The individually defined coating process can be reproduced any time.
For more information see Surface.
Macro photograph of a Topocrom® coating, in this case a closed structure (e.g. RPc 100-160/cm)

Industrial computerised process

Only by using IT Tools the individual surface properties can be generated an used again for further coatings. For each requirement the optimal surface is specifically developed and the process saved. Production processes, coating times, galvanising processes, pre-and post-processing are saved digitally and can therefore be recalled at any time with the identical result. The test laboratory and the quality assurance guarantee an end product of the highest quality.
A multilayer system of a TOPOCROM® coating (base material, base layer, TOPOCROM-layer, top layer).

Adjustable individual surface properties

A multi-layered system can be chosen depending on the property of the surface of the work-piece and the base material. The TOPOCROM® surface has various properties:
  • Hemispherical surface structure
  • Closed structures
  • Open structures
  • High roughness
  • Low roughness
  • Stochastic distribution of the balls
For more information see Properties.

Layer construction in one working step

The construction of a layer system (base layer construction, structure layer, cover layer) takes place in a single operation (in-situ).
The construction of the layer is generated in a closed reactor in a single operation. The image shows the insertion of a large work roll in a reactor.

High suitability for rotation-symmetric workpieces

The process in the rotary reactor is ideal for coating rollers, rolls, thread guides or other rotation-symmetric production elements. Also for the interior coating of pipes this process technology ist very suitable and approved.
For more information see Areas of Application.
Reactor for coating cylindrical workpieces (reactor head). The workpiece remains in the closed reactor during the entire layer construction.

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