Delivery Service

Work-pieces and coating from one source

Topocrom GmbH has many years of experience in the coating and finishing of parts for the machinery industry. For simpler parts, it may be more efficient if we also assume responsibility for the production of turned parts. Advantages for the contracting industry:
  • Topocrom GmbH has numerous reliable suppliers in the metal working industry.
  • For subsequent TOPOCROM® coating, the base surface must be processed according to our requirements. These requirements can be transfered directly to the metal working company by our engineers.
  • Everything from one source.
  • Shortening the information chain

Conditions for this procedure

Please send us your engineering drawing. We would be happy to verify wether we are suitable partners for such a procedure based on our experience and infrastructure.

List of serial turned parts with description

Current selection of Topocrom® coated parts (rolls, pipes, guiding eyes).

Coated small parts for the machine industry (bobbins, rolls, eyelets). We can supply these parts from one source.