Plant Technology

Plant for the coating of work rolls

The TOPOCROM® plants are specifically constructed for the coating of work rolls in steel works. The special equipment of the reactors guarantees a trouble-free, reliable and continuous coating process.

TOPOCROM® in one process step

The TOPOCROM® surface is exclusively deposited in closed reactor systems. After pre-works (controlling and cleaning) the roll is installed into the reactor. The reactor is then closed hermetically. The roll passes through the various process steps under permanent rotation. After the coating process is finished the work roll is rinsed in the reactor and then removed. Now the roll can be immediately used in the roll stand.

Principle of a TOPOCROM® reactor
  1. Reactor head with work roll
  2. Power transmission
  3. Anodes
  4. Partial cover of the work piece
  5. Work piece is continuously rotated during the process
  6. Partial cover of the work piece

Computerized process technology

Thanks to the computerized process technology and systematization the surface can be reproduced in the same quality according to customers' demands. The perfected processes are reliable and easy to operate.
Visualized process control

Process experience in big steel works

To ensure a rational, safe handling of the heavy work rolls approved equipment is available (suspension fitting, handling and storage devices, tilting systems, preparation robots).
Tilting stand for the roll handling: the tilting device allows a controlled horizontal or vertical depositing of the work rolls. On the tilting stand the following works are made: Cleaning of the roll heads und roll surface, mounting and demounting of the reactor head and coverings.
For further information about the plant technology, please contact:

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