Hard Chrome

The coating of machine parts with hard chrome is a good use of "functional electroplating" (as opposed to decorative plating). Topocrom GmbH has decades of experience in hard chrome coating for the industry. Through years of working with leading research institutes and in cooperation with industrial partners, the company has developed the TOPOCROM® coating.

Does Topocrom also provide hard chrome coatings?

The company has the technological infrastructure and is generally in a position to offer the classic hard chrome plating. In many cases, however, the TOPOCROM® coating provides better results in industrial applications.

No decorative-chrome plating and no individual pieces

The electroplating process at Topocrom is an industrial production process, controlled by IT systems. The business is therefore dedicated to serial production (also small series). Decorative-chrome plating is not offered in principle. Benefit from our technical advice.

Topocrom GmbH focuses on functional hard chrome technology (usually TOPOCROM®). The company has in-depth experience in the computer-aided deposition of functional surfaces with specific properties.