Coating of injection moulding tools

The coating of plastic and rubber injection moulding tools with TOPOCROM® provides major production advantages: Better ejection, quicker cycle times, less mould release agent, less abrasion.
The special surface structure and the ability to transport lubricants or release agents explain the excellent properties.

TOPOCROM® surfaces on female and male dies

The use of TOPOCROM® coated dies for plastic injection moulding has proven itself over many years. In comparison with other types of coated or structured surfaces, TOPOCROM® achieves considerably better results in a variety of ways.

Advantages on the mould

  • Better ejection
  • Up to 30% quicker cycle times
  • Less or no release agent is required
  • Less pressure and effort during ejection
  • Better heat distribution over the mould surface
  • High resistance to wear and corrosion
Coating of plastic injection moulds for the production of syringes and PET bottles.

Advantages for the plastic part

  • Better heat distribution over the mould surface
  • The option of smooth or structured surfaces

Cost-effective rework of used injection tools

If there is no mechanical damage to the basic material, the coating can be repeated after removing the layers, without any interim machining.

A wide choice of materials

As the maximum coating temperature in the TOPOCROM® reactor is <100 degrees Celsius, there is a wide range of mould materials to choose from.
At this tool the partical coating becomes apparent: the cone has a classical hard chrome coating (above), the form element has a TOPOCROM® coating.

TOPOCROM® coating for extrusion tools

Problems and production targets in the plastic industry

  • Desire for minimizing the costs of raw material and energy
  • Decreasing production batches demand more product changes
  • Less waste during product changing process
  • Optimizing the product changing process

Study proves best suitability of TOPOCROM®

Studies at the «Institute for Product Engineering IPE» at the University of Duisburg prove that TOPOCROM® coated extrusion tools show measurable advantages compared to other surfaces. They analyzed the product changing behaviour during singlescrew extrusion and diagnosed amongst others a significant influence of tribology on this process.

Selectable surface characteristics of TOPOCROM®

The characteristics of the structured layer (roughness, wettability, open or closed structure, Rz-values) can be defined precisely during the coating process. The use of TOPOCROM® coated tools shows the following advantages:
  • Avoiding deposits
  • Significantly less abrasion
  • Better flowing ability
  • Longer service life

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Extrusion of Polyethylen in a blow film line.
Extruder for tubes.