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Surface technology as a core strength for 40 years

Our companies have a very long industrial experience in the field of surface engineering. Demanding performance specifications of our clients in the engineering and automotive industry, steel mills and processing companies have always provided us with challenges. Our solutions have been implemented in several sectors resulting in groundbreaking production improvements.

Topocrom Systems AG

8212 Neuhausen am Rheinfall
  • Engineering
  • General contractor for TOPOCROM® plants

Topocrom GmbH

7833 Stockach
  • Research and Development
  • Samples for new applications
  • Coating of work-pieces for various industries

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Technological advantage thanks to research and development

We are development leaders in our industry. Our great willingness to research innovative surfaces with special properties and develop them has led to new coating systems as well as to the environmentaly friendly, modern and energy-efficient reactor technology. In cooperation with leading research institutes we develop new solutions for the future.

TOPOCROM® – for various solutions

TOPOCROM® is a hemispherical surface structure with amazing features. You can significantly increase service life of tools, minimise abrasion, improve gliding properties, guide liquids, improve adhesion, and much more. TOPOCROM® coated skin pass rolls also serve to emboss a surface structure in car-body panels. The other sub-labels indicate the principal application areas:
Technical solutions for processing of carbon, aramide, glasfibre and basalt filaments.
Technical solutions for plastic injection and extrusion. Coating of male und female dies and extrusion tools.
Technical solutions for highly stressed parts to minimize abrasion in the steel and construction industry.
Technical solutions for the coating of rollers and rolls with distinguished surface properties.

In Germany: The most modern production facility for TOPOCROM® coatings in Stockach

The electroplating Shop in Stockach complies with all demands concerning integrated process stability and effizient processing methods. Reactors with different sizes are available for the coating of single parts or series.

In Switzerland: Engineering for TOPOCROM® coating systems in the reactor principle

For parts with high transport weight (e.g. skin pass rolls or texture rolls in the steel mill) an own coating plant is recommended at the point of use. Our engineers take over the planning and configuration of your coating system. Many years of engineering experience, skilled specialists for the system components and the knowledge from their own production practices ensure a reliable, user-friendly solution.
Topocrom GmbH (management and production) in Stockach Germany. The company is regarded as a model business in terms of environmental protection (recycling of process liquids, use of waste heat, prevention of soil and water pollution) and quality assurance.